Now you can help support our Organization while spreading the word, by purchasing our many ICAP-branded merchandise.  To order, simply contact an ICAP Board member at one of our regular meetings or conferences, or email programs@icaponline.org with a list of the items you would like to purchase. 

Lunch Box ($10.00)


Sports Backpack ($5.00)


Mug ($3.00)


Grocery Tote ($2.00)


Jumbo Magnet Memo Clip ($1.50)


Beverage Wrench ($1.00)


Notepad ($0.50)


Pen (Blue) ($0.75)


Pen (Black) ($0.50)

(Further items to be made available in the near future) 

Address: ICAP, P.O. Box 143, Riverside, California 92502-0143 
Email:     info@icaponline.org
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